Hondaline heated grips

I found an auction on Ebay selling a set of new-in-the-box heated grips. I won the auction, paying about 1/3 the price you'd pay normally. They'll be nice on those chilly mornings when it's too warm for heated gloves.

Hondaline heated grips and the contents of the kit.

There's really only three parts to the installation: installing the heater control, the grips, and running the wiring.

I thought the kit would come with a replacement panel with the heater control already installed, but it doesn't. The hole to drill is well marked. The instructions say to cut a 45mm hole. This is 1 3/4"...which is the size holesaw I used.

Hole made. The control bolts to the three screw bosses shown. There is enough play in the mounting holes for the control to be centered.

The cover plate uses 2-sided tape.

This hose has to be shortened and relocated to clear the heater control. I've already loosened the worm clamp.

The hose is flipped around and shortened.

The control panel is put into place.

The grips are installed. Note orientation of the wires.

The last step is to run the wiring. The grips are connected, as is the heater control. There is a red power plug forward of the right storage pocket that is used for the heated grips. If you have a 2006 or newer bike you'll need an extension to reach the left side power plug.

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