2022 Hanover daytrip

Recently the weather has started to get nice. Ahhhhhh...spring. Mike Kurdziolek texted me. He said the weather was supposed to be nice Saturday and he wanted to know if we wanted to ride over and see John & Debby. It sounded good to me. Donna agreed. It was a date. We'd meet them at their house.

Last fall John & Debby made some major changes and moved near Hanover to be closer to their son Kyle and his family. The draw of grandchildren. Donna understands that. Me not so much.

April 23

I fired up the bike this morning for the first ride of the season. As seems to be the case every year the GPS isn't charging. There is 12V at the pins. Oh well...I won't need it...Mike is leading. It is fully charged and should last all day. I'll mess with it tomorrow.

The weather today is great. Right now it is in the upper 60's with a predicted high in the lower 80's. I have a T-shirt. Donna has a short-sleeved shirt, a long-sleeved shirt, and a jacket. She can adjust as necessary. So precious. Tire pressured checked. Oil checked. Helmet intercom checked. We were off for our 9am meetup with the Kurdzioleks.

We arrived at the Kurdziolek's at 8:57. We haven't seen them since last fall. We talked for awhile, then fired up the bikes with Mike leading. We stopped at the Farmer's Market for gas.

We took our standard route to the Madison area...US50 to Brownstown...drop down to IN-256 through Austin. In the Kent area we dropped south to wind our way to the new Potter residence.

Soon we saw a couple familiar faces standing outside. We are here! Their house sits on a bluff overlooking the Ohio River. A million dollar view. We got a tour of the new place. It has a neat open kitchen design with bedrooms on the sides. The basement is unfinished and John is building it to their specs. My favorite part is the second story covered porch with a view of the river. This is where I'd be most of the time. We watched a couple barges passing by. If there was a railroad along the river it would be perfect. I started getting droopy as we sat there.

The plan is to go somewhere for lunch then hit some antique stores. We took off with John & Debby leading on their black trike. It felt good to see the trike. This is the first time we've ridden together since 2019. Damn Covid. It felt like old times.

We parked in downtown Madison and decided we would find some place to eat. We ended up at a popular Madison location...Hinkle Hamburgers.

The normal seating area was full so we sat at the counter. There were six seats left. Coincidence? Donna had a BLT and had a fish sandwich. They have awesome tea. What a crew.

Donna and a Dork.

After lunch we made our way back to the bikes, then headed for our first antique store. We had to stop so Donna could retrieve her hat.

Our first stop was River West Antiques. Donna found a decorative set of keys here. They used to have a section of Pyrex but it was nowhere to be found.

Our next stop was at Lumber Mill Antiques. Donna found a new Calvin Klein purse for $20. She's a purse nerd. They have rearranged the store quite a bit.

Our last stop was the Persnickety Antique Mall and Flea Market. We've not been here before. As we wound our way up hill passed the Clifty Creek Power Plant the tar snakes were horrible. Even with the car tire I was slipping all over the road so I slowed down quite a bit. This allowed a pokey Camry to get between us. The other guys were almost out of sight when we saw them pull into the antique store.

Donna found some candle warmers for $1 each. Score. Afterwards we hung out in the parking lot for some final socializing. It was sad when John & Debby headed back to their house. John and I have been friends since the mid-70s. We've had a our 'bike gang' since the mid 2000's and we used to get together almost every Friday night before Covid screwed things up. It was nice to see them again.

I led us back to Bedford. I told the GPS to take us 'home' and it routed us down IN-56 through Salem and up through Mitchell. As we were driving down SR37 Mike & Jerry pulled alongside and suggested stopping at El Compadre's in Bedford for drinks. Nice...the ride isn't over yet. Mike led us there.

We sat at El Compadres for an hour or so. Donna and Jerri had huge margaritas. Mike had beer and I had a Coke. Funny story...I had paid for our lunchs in Madison. Mike said he would get the bill here and said something about him getting off a lot cheaper than I did. The look on his face was priceless when he got the bill. It was only $2 less than our three lunches were earlier. I still laugh about it.

When we left it was only three miles to the house. Another great ride. 165 miles. Buford was happy to see us and us him. We piddled around for awhile then took a nap. Ha!

Epilogue - The next day I looked into the GPS power problem. This seems to be a yearly issue. It never works at the first of the year, then it starts working. Not this year. I have two Garmin 276CX's...one for the bike and one in the Sequoia. The GPS from the Sequoia wouldn't work on the bike either, but both worked fine in the Sequoia. Both GPSs worked fine in the spare motorcycle mount I had, so everything pointed to the current motorcycle mount being the culprit. You could measure 12V at the pins, but it wasn't reaching the GPS. I guess one of the spring loaded pins is intermittent. I wish Garmin would make a less dainty mount. I replaced it with the spare motorcycle mount. Hopefully it will work better than the other one. While I had the bike torn apart I installed a camera system I've had for awhile.

See you on the Highway!

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