Headlight modulator

I installed a Kriss Industries headlight modulator on my Nomad and I knew I'd be putting one on the Goldwing. I like the noticeability a headlight modulator provides.

A headlight modulator flashes your highbeams for increased visibility. Most (including this one) have a photo eye so it only operates in the daytime. Installation on the Goldwing is more involved than the Nomad installation. I purchased the modulator directly from Kriss Industries.

The first thing I did was correct the weird headlight wiring. The Goldwing has a relay to power the high beams. For some reason known only to God and Honda, the relay only powers the left high beam. The right highbeam is powered by the headlight switch itself. This correction is detailed in the Kriss instructions and makes both high beams powered by the relay...the way it should be in the first place.

In the area forward of the left storage compartment are two grey connectors and one blue one. The relay-powered highbeam wire is blue/black and is shown above. You can see I've already started to strip away some of the insulation.

The plain blue wire (shown already cut here) is the wire from the high beam switch to the right high beam. We will attach the other end of the cut wire to the blue/black wire shown above.

The wires have been attached. Both high beams will now be powered by the high beam relay.

The Kriss instructions suggest putting the modulator under the seat near the relay pack. I'm going to use a switch on my switchbox to control the modulator so I wanted to mount the modulator up front. For some reason there has been an extension harness put on my bike. This will make a great place to splice in the Kriss modulator. Since probably no one else will have this extension the power wire can be spliced at the same location we connected the blue wire above.

Here the modulator is installed. The power wire to the high beams is cut and the modulator is inserted in-line. The Kriss installation procedure has the connectors installed so the power wire can be reconnected in case the modulator should fail (not likely).

I ran the ground wire to a terminal block I installed on the left air intake. I tested the setup and it worked great. A byproduct of the wiring mod we did is the headlight indicator also flashes to remind you the modulator is working.

I mounted the photo eye at the corner of the mirror.

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