GROM car audio integration kit

Since 2012 I've been using a BikeMP3 player. It connects to the Goldwing's CD changer plug. It allows handlebar control of the player and uses the Goldwing display. It is handy, but it is not without its issues. Sometimes it quits responding to the handlebar controls. Another, more serious issue, is the player will continue playing when the bike is shut off. Over a few days it would kill the battery. Initially this could be avoided by switching to another audio source prior to shutting off the bike. Eventually though the player would stay on even if I did this.

Recently there was a thread on the GL1800riders forum about MP3 players and 'dlong' mentioned players made by GROM audio. He said he had used one for several years with no issues. They allow multiple inputs and they make several different versions depending on your needs.

I don't have an IPod or use bluetooth so I ordered the GROM-AND2-HON1 version. It comes with cables for the USB and EXT outputs.

The GROM units are designed primarily for cars but also work with the Goldwing. Some applications allow for a factory CD changer to be retained so the cable comes with a male and female plug. I only needed the one plug so I used electrical tape to weatherproof the other connector.

The CD changer connector is in a boot behind the relays. I tucked the other connector inside the boot, too. The GROM unit receives all its power through the CD connection which is handy.

I currently have the GROM unit in the CD well as I familiarize myself with its different features.

So far the unit has worked great. I've mainly used a USB flashdrive to listen to music. The GROM unit has never failed to respond to the handlebar controls and it shuts off with the bike and when switching audio sources. I listened to an MP3 player through the other input and it sounded crystal clear. I have yet to try the Android phone features.

Update: After a few years of use the Grom is still performing well. A couple of small negatives to report. The Grom uses a flash drive which has a tendency to wiggle loose. An SD card would be nicer. Another small annoyance is that when forwarding/reversing to another folder sometimes it doesn't start at the beginning.

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