GPS remount

I recently installed a Touratech mount for my GPS. I used it in conjunction with a RAM mount. I worked okay but there was some noticeable vibration with the weight of the GPS, mount, and long RAM mount arm. As I do, I sat on the bike looking for different solutions. Some people install a RAM ball onto their brake reservoir lids. Then I started thinking...what if I bolted the Touratech mount to the reservoir cover? Hmmmmm....

From the start I have the advantage in that I'm using a switchbox mounted on the reservoir, so I'm not actually getting into the fluid portion of the reservoir...not that that makes a lot of difference.

The underside of the reservoir cover is nice and flat. I drilled a 1/4" hole.

I removed the rubber-isolated bottom plate from the Touratech mount and bolted it to the reservoir cover. I used large washers top and bottom to disperse the load of the GPS. I used an Allen head bolt to discourage potential thieves.

The setup in place.

The GPS works well here. It doesn't block the tach or the mirror. The mount is rock solid with no vibration. It's all bolted on to discourage thieves. I can still get to the switchbox switches and the GPS is easily reachable.

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