Gear indicator

I was browsing the Goldwing wiring schematic one day and noticed it has a gear position switch. Some bikes have a gear position display, and there is a company that makes an add-on display for the Goldwing. Sounded like it could make a cool little electronics project one day.

One day came, and I was piddling around, so I investigated the project further. For each different gear position a wire is switched to ground. Pretty simple. I did notice though there is no wire for first gear. What's up with that? If you want it to indicate first gear you have to add some additional logic circuitry.

When I had the bike torn apart for the Traxxion project I went ahead and took out the air box and soldered wires to the gear position wires (sorry no pictures). The harness is about the 10 o'clock position in the engine bay. I ran the wires to a terminal strip under the right fairing storage compartment.

I decided to make it simple and just indicate second, third, and fourth gears. I was mostly interested in second gear but the others were easy. Neutral and fifth have factory indicators, and you know when you're in first. The circuit board is about an inch square. I used one of the speaker screws to mount it. The lights kind of glow behind the right speaker grille.

It's one of those simple projects. Sometimes I find myself leaving the bike in second gear when I pull in somewhere. It's nice to have the blue light in the speaker grille to remind me before I pull away and lug the bike. For some reason the third gear (yellow LED) light stays on in third, fourth, and fifth gears. I'm thinking my switch might be a little hosed. I disconnected that wire.

A schematic of the project.

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