On most of my vehicles I end up installing additional gauges. I like monitoring how things are working and I'm an electronics nerd. The Goldwing has a temperature guage, but it's not linear. It stays at a central position over about a 50* range. (Gauge plot)

On our East 50 trip the Goldwing pegged the temperature gauge while sitting in a traffic jam. It never officially overheated but the sight was unsettling. It made me wish I knew the actual temperature.

I have some 2 1/8" gauges that I've never gotten around to installing in my Jeep Liberty. I've held the gauges in place in different locations on the Goldwing, but there's just no room for them. One day I noticed Autometer made a 3-gauge cluster of 1 1/2" guages. Hmmmmmmm. I decided to order a set and see if they might work. If they don't I can sell them on Ebay.

I ordered a set from Summit Racing. The set includes voltage, water temperature, and oil pressure gauges. They have offset rings that allow the gauges to be tilted, and all the senders are included.

I also got this heater hose adapter for the temperature sender.

I installed the sender in the right radiator hose.

The adapter has a ground lug.

I thought about installing the oil pressure gauge, but ended up not installing it. I've never heard of oil pressure problems with Goldwings.

While I wired up the sender I also cleaned up some wiring under the right storage pocket area.

I pondered putting the gauges where the vent opening is. I went as far as making a mounting plate, but I never felt the love for this location.

For a while I had some storage pocket pouches mounted on the plastic storage pocket doors. When I removed them I was left with the mounting holes...which I filled with sealant. Since the door already had some holes in it I decided to mount the gauges there.

This is a convenient location to get to, and easy to wire.

The wiring was ran between the pocket and the top shelter.

The finished product works like a charm.

Update 2015 - After several years of use the gauges started to get flaky so I replaced them with larger VDO marine gauges.

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