Fork cover mod

One of the small negatives of installing a fork brace is the loss of the factory chrome fork covers. If you look at the front fender from the side you can see some bare brackets and bolts the fork covers would normally hide. Some people have modified the fork cover to work with the brace and I decided to give it a shot.

My first attempt involved removing some of the back and trying to fit the cover over the fork brace somehow. That didn't work. It just wasn't gonna fit.

I decided to bisect the cover to fill in below the brace and put the rest of the cover above. I measured from the top of bolt mounting surface to the fork brace to determine how much of the brace I'd have to cut.

This looks better.

I made some brackets to connect the top of the cover to the fork brace screws. I thought about using the center hole to bolt the top cover to the fender but the holes didn't align.

Here is the finished product. I'll have to admit it looks better from a distance. Traxxion is supposed to be developing a fork cover that works with their brace. If it's not too expensive I'll probably buy it.

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