Antenna change

On our Ohio trip the flapping flag on my CB antenna caused it to unscrew and jettison itself on the highway. It remained functional, but damaged. When I got home I started looking for a replacement.

The performance of the Goldwing CB system is marginal as CBs go. I wanted to try to upgrade the system if I could. I've always heard good things about Firestik antennas. People on the Goldwing forums like them due to their top loading and tuning ability. I bought for the CB and another to match to use for the FM radio. These antennas can be bought in different lengths and colors. I chose 3' and black. At the truckstop in the picture they had some 5 1/2' long. Can you imagine?

I had previously modified an antenna I had to make it fit the metric mount on the Goldwing. It was ugly, so instead I ordered adapters from Sierra Electronics. They sell ones that fold over like the factory antennas. They are $45 each...these are $10 and seem to me to be a better electrical connection.

John and I went riding one afternoon and I got to try the new antennas. There was an improvement. Nothing earth shattering, but noticeable. The FM radio seemed fine. Something I did notice...

Previously when passing a transformer or open electrical source I'd often get a loud blast of hum and static. VERY irritating. With the new antenna I never got this. To me that makes it worth it in itself. I speculate the openness of the foldover mechanism might allow the electromagnetism to affect the CB radio more (?).

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