Manual fan control

When I got the Goldwing one of the first things I did was reverse the fans so they matched the natural air flow. Recently I was reading another cooling thread and read where some people had installed a manual fan control. The fans are computer controlled and shut off above ~15mph. People have noticed their bikes getting hotter than normal when driving in the 15-25 mph range for extended periods of time due to marginal air flow. I had an extra switch left on my clutch switch box so I thought this would be an easy mod to do.

I was looking at the electrical schematic for the fans when I noticed something else that bugged me. The power for the fans runs through the ignition switch. I've never read about anyone having ignition switch problems but I didn't like the idea of an unnecessary 14-15 amps going through the switch. I decided to also repower the fans from my auxiliary fuse panel. It would be easy to do.

The fan relay is in the back row, 3rd from the left. The bank of relays is located under the seat.

The red wire that has been T-ed into is the wire used by the computer to turn on the fans. It does this by applying a ground. The white wire is the one I added that connects to my clutch switch box. This is all you need to do if you are only doing the manual control.

The blue/black wires are the wires that provide power via the ignition switch. I snipped these wires. The blue/black wire that enters next to the red wire is for the "+" terminal of the relay coil. I reconnected it to the wire from the ignition switch so the fans will only work when the key is on. The larger blue wire is from my auxiliary fuse panel. It is connected to the power input to the relay and actually provides power to the fans.

The wiring changes I made are blue.

Update - I've only used the manual switch a handful of times since I installed it over three years ago, but I'm glad I have it. Normally the fans will turn off at a preset temperature...the engine heats up...the fans come on...then shut off at the preset temperature...etc. With this switch I can leave the fans on, and since I have a real temperature gauge, I can tell it's allowing the engine to cool to a lower temperature than than it normally would.

It's especially nice with the reversed fans in those 15-25 mph conditions where the normal airflow is inadequate. For me that has been slow, uphill traffic.

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