2020 Fall motorcycle trip


- Another great long weekend vacation...peaceful and relaxing.

- 821 miles of enjoyable riding through rural Kentucky.

- It was nice to ride some, shop some, and repeat.

- The Goldwing ignition switch only gave me issues the one day. I plan to replace the switch over the winter.

- Our hotel was okay, but I don't think I could recommend it. A Candlewood Suites would have been better...or maybe a VRBO rental.

- This would have been a nice vacation to enjoy with the rest of our crew. Covid killed our group plans for this year.

- We were never more than a few hours away from home if the need arised for us to return.

- Of course, my favorite part of vacation is being with Donna. She is my precious. XOXOXXOXOXOXO

See you on the Highway!

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