2020 Fall motorcycle trip

Day 5

October 5

Starting our last antiquing adventure of the trip. When we got ready to leave I noticed the GPS had 'lost' the route for today again. I remembered the route so I told the GPS to re-navigate the route and we headed out. A 'zig' here and a 'zag' there and we would be on US25.

It was another chilly morning.

When the GPS had finally loaded its route it let me know that I had zagged one time too many. It didn't take long to get back on the route.

The simple route would have been to take I-75 south. Instead I chose US25 and a roundabout crossing of the Kentucky River and this is why. When we got here it reminded me of the New River Gorge bridge and its old bridge crossing.

Here is the old bridge crossing of the Kentucky River.

Crossing the old bridge.

A cool view of the new bridge from the old bridge.

The bridges of Madison County?

Headed south on US25.

We have arrived at the Richmond Peddlers Mall. Donna found an old quilt and a peg rack for her camper. We also bought some things for Buford.

A couple's selfie. I'd like to blame my hideousness on the wide angle lens, but I can only blame nature. Donna is sporting her new shades.

One thing I found that I thought was cool was this old license plate from Burton Pontiac in our hometown of Bedford. My dad bought a car there in 1977.

Today was Donna's turn to choose lunch, and she chose mexican. We stopped at the Casa Fiesta Mexican Grill.

The food was wonderful. Half of it went home for supper.

With full stomachs we took I-75 south to Berea.

When we arrived at Todd's Antiques I realized we had been here before from a trip in 2015. It's a nice store but we didn't buy anything.

Berea, KY. 13:23, mileage 105,942 - fuel, drinks, and a pitstop.

Something Olde Antiques. We've been here before, also. Donna found some interesting quilt squares here. Her sister will make a quilt out of them.

Someone across the road had left this pillow on top of their car. When they pulled out it fell off and landed in the middle of the road causing a traffic hazard. I picked it up and put in on the wall in case the owner missed it. My good deed for the day.

We rode through Berea and talked about the things we noticed from previous trips, then headed north on US25. At Richmond we'll head east on KY-52. We rode around the Blue River Army Depot. You can see a lot of railroad tracks from the road.

Near Irvine we stopped at the Real McCoy Antique store. The proprietor is a descendent of the McCoy family of the infamous Hatfield and McCoy feud. There was lots of trivia and newspaper clippings related to the feud.

They had an old organ that belonged to 'Devil Anse' Hatfield. I thought it was interesting since the Hatfields were the 'enemy'.

Only $10,000. It's these odd things that make antiquing interesting. Donna found a picture frame she is going make a collage out of.

I enjoy this part of Kentucky with the rolling hills and small towns. It would be fun to just keep going on KY-52 until it gets dark, then find a mom & pop motel, explore the small towns, and start all over again.

Pickers Paradise in Irvine, KY. Donna found some purple Converse shoes for her granddaughter, Kynleigh.

Another nice view of Kentucky Americana. I love the old iron bridges.

KY-89 was a nice sweeping road as we headed north to Winchester.

Another cool old building with a tower.

As we rode through town I noticed we had bypassed one of the antique stores I planned to visit...the Old Red Barn Mall. I thought my GPS might have been up to its old trick of revamping the route, but when I checked later it was my fault. I forgot to put it in the route. Better my error than the GPS's.

Donna found a jar here she has been looking for for a long time, as well as some candle melts and another dog toy. We had the Winchester Peddlers Mall on the list to visit but we had ran out of time, so we headed back to Lexington on US60.

A cool old sign and horrible traffic.

When we reached the turn off to KY-4 Donna noticed that traffic was backed up. We crept along long enough to realize that it wasn't a short term blockage, so we veered off on an alternate route. Back at the hotel we started packing and enjoyed our leftovers for supper. Tomorrow we head back to Buford.

130 miles.

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