2020 Fall motorcycle trip

Day 4

October 4

For the week leading up to our trip rain has been predicted for today. Also, because it was Sunday I didn't think as many shops would be open, so I hadn't planned going to that many places. The forecast this morning said the rain shouldn't be here until around 2pm, so that gave us time to do stuff. In addition to some antique stores, I also plotted a couple wineries to try if we had time. I had also thought about going to Galls (a huge fire/police/EMS supplier based in Lexington) but they aren't open today.

Side story: The day after Thanksgiving in 1992 my brother called and wanted to know if I wanted to go to Galls with him. I did, and we had fun. The reason I remember this date is it is the last time I remember waking up and feeling rested. I've felt tired every day since then.

Our route today took us through the heart of Lexington. They have some beautiful buildings. I am particularly drawn to those with towers.

Our first stop was Ugly Duckling Antiques. They had a lot of stuff but nothing we needed to buy.

Our next store was about a mile down the main drag...Feather Your Nest Antiques. It didn't open until noon and it was 10:28. Their contnents didn't look too antiquey, either, so we passed. The next place, the Meadowthorpe Antique Mall was about a block away and also didn't open until noon. It might have been worth visiting had it been open. We continued on.

Our next stop was the huge Lexington Peddlers Mall. The main building was two stories, and there were at least two attached buildings. We waited in a cool wind for about ten minutes for it to open. We spent almost two hours browsing. Donna found another Pyrex bowl and some other stuff. Our feet were sore when we were done. Too bad Donna didn't have her Fitbit watch on. I'd be curious to see how far we walked.

By now it was past time for lunch. Donna had chosen Panera yesterday and listened to me whine about it all day, so today I had to choose. I knew what I wanted. Steak and shrimp and baked potato. We wanted to try a local steak place, but the only place the checkout girl recommmended was super expensive. After searching through the GPS and Google we decided to try our old standby, Texas Roadhouse. It was still lunch time when we arrived so we had to wait about 30 minutes, but the weather was nice.

Usually it doesn't take long to get our order at the place in Bloomington. It seemed like it had been awhile when our waitress came by, noticed we hadn't received our food yet, and said she'd check on it. Maybe five minutes later she walked by and looked at our empty table. A few minutes later the manager appeared with apologies. Somehow our order had been lost. It was now being prepared and would be free. Fair enough. When it finally arrived it was delicious. No take homes for me. I gobbled it all down.

We had one more antique store to visit...Athens Schoolhouse Antiques...and it was a gamble. We had been here several years ago with our crew and back then it was only open on certain weekends. Google said it was open daily now. I guess we'll see. When we arrived our questions were answered. Google was wrong. It wasn't open today.

Since we had spent two hours at Texas Roadhouse it was now late afternoon. The weather was starting to look suspect, so we decided to hit a winery and call it a day. The Grimes Mill Winery wasn't far away so we headed that direction. When we approached the area Garmin said it was at we found nothing but residences. It's not the first time the Garmin data has been wrong, and I'm sure not the last. We headed back.

About a mile from where it was 'supposed' to be we found it. The sign was easy to see if you were approaching from the south. Donna did some tastings but didn't care for any.

We headed back to the hotel via scenic back roads.

Pretty horses, farms, and darkening skies.

The sky was looking questionable when we got back on the main road.

Donna needed more coffee so we made a pitstop. She is also checking on cigarette prices since she was told they were cheaper here than back home. That is our hotel in the background. It sprinkled a little while we were here and the wind has picked up.

Back at the ranch.

We did laundry that evening and made our nightly trek to get fresh towels. We enjoyed nice, unrestricted showers. Happily, there were no issues with the bike ignition today. Tomorrow is a full day of antiquing.

Happy 6th Birthday, Buford!

44 miles.

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