2020 Fall motorcycle trip

Day 3

October 3

Today was another cool, sunny morning. Just right for another antiquing adventure. The route today will take us in a northwesterly direction. Our intial plan was to have an early lunch at the Wallace Station restaurant between Lexington and Frankfort. We've ate there before and they have good food. However, when I checked their website I found they didn't open until 11am and they were only taking online orders for pickup. Too much trouble. Damn Covid. The day's route loaded correctly in the GPS this morning and we were off at 9:44.

I'm old enough I can remember Secretariat winning the triple crown. The statue added some class to a boring roundabout.

Our route today started on a road less travelled...KY-1681...a long, straight ribbon of blacktop.

It took us through more scenic horse farms.

Eventually we turned onto KY-1685...a quaint and narrow one-lane road. I like the 1930's era rock wall.

On US421 headed to Frankfort. I've ridden US421 from Indiana to eastern North Carolina.

Our first stop was the Frankfort Peddler's Mall. We will visit several of the Peddler's Malls during our trip. I'm always a little leery of anything with 'flea market' but this place wasn't that bad. We found an orange Pyrex bowl here. Neither of us have seen one like it before. Donna also found some shoes for her granddaughter.

Our next stop was the Buffalo Trace Distillery to get some Bourbon Creme. Donna likes it and this is the only place we can find it. I even have a taste now and then.

Entering the parking lot we had an odd experience. They have an extra tall speed bump and after we went over it we felt a hard crash and then a dragging sound. We thought the bump had jarred the jackstand loose. It has happened once before. We pulled over to check it out and were shocked to see the trailer itself had become detached! It was being drug by the safety chains. I know it was properly attached beforehand. All we can figure is after we went over the speed bump and everything came down the jackstand hit the speed bump and popped the trailer loose. I reattached the trailer and everything was tight and solid.

When we got through all the Covid testing Buffalo Trace had in place we were shocked to see the line for the gift shop. We spent almost an hour slowly working our way to the gift shop.

While we were waiting in line I was quietly thinking about another issue. The last few times I went to start the bike I had a hard time getting the key in the ignition switch and getting it to turn. It's not uncommon for Goldwing ignition switches to fail with age, and my bike is aged. It would be a major pain for the switch to completely fail on vacation. Would there be a replacement switch available? Would I have to hotwire the bike somewhere?

Eventually we got to the gift shop. We had to give them more information and get wrist bands. We picked up three bottles of Bourbon Creme and headed out. The ignition switch was still acting up but I found if I inserted the key softly and then lifted it a little it would work, although still a little notchy.

Since we had cancelled eating at Wallace Station it was time to find some lunch. Donna suggested Panera Bread so I found one on the GPS. We like their bear claws and usually buy several of them to have for breakfasts.

We placed our order and I about had a stroke when she told me the total. $57.02...what? My sandwich in the picture was almost $12. Donna's bowl of macaroni & cheese was $8. My bowl of soup was almost $6. It was good, and we took enough leftovers home that is was also our supper, but holy smokes...it's not a fancy restaurant. It gave me something to whine about over the weekend.

The bike started okay, so we headed downtown to the Old Capitol Antique Mall. We parked in a nearby parking lot. There were a lot of people out and about today.

We weren't here long. Not really an antique place. There should be a requirement to use the word 'antique'...much like there are requirements to use the word 'bourbon'.

With expensive Panera leftovers in the trunk we headed east on US460 to Georgetown.

We parked around the corner from the antique store.

The Georgetown Antique Mall was a big place with three stories. Donna found a quilt topper her sister will use to make pillows for her camper. They had a second store passed the alley but all that was there was a girl singing and playing guitar.

I thought this building with the clock tower was cool, but I also took the picture because of the road signs. We've travelled a lot of highways over the years and many of them seem to converge in this area. US27, US127, US60, US62, US68, US150, US421, as well as US25 and US460 shown here.

The MP3 player on the bike uses a flashdrive to store the music. Sometimes it gets loose and stops playing. A SIMM card would work better. This happened today so we switched over to the radio and found a great station...WKQQ. Good classic rock 'n' roll. We listened to it for the rest of the trip.

We passed under a Norfolk Southern train pulling coil cars. I love trains. Some day I want to go on a train watching trip. Trains and antiques?

Our next stop was the Georgetown Peddlers Mall. Donna found some baby shoes and candle melts.

The next stop was up US62 to Unique Antiques in Cynthiana. A nice shop but nothing was purchased.

The radio station next door had a cool window display.

More road signs from our travels.

It was 16:40 when we left so that would be our last antique store for the day. There were a couple more in Paris but we had ran out of time again. We rode down US27 to Paris and US68 back to Lexington.

We weren't done shopping, though. We stopped at Lowes. I bought a section of coax cable and a flush handle to fix the toilet in our room. I also bought a couple tools I might need and a small can of WD40 for the ignition switch.

Lexington, KY. 17:42, mileage 105,843 - Fuel stop and cigarettes and coffee for Donna.

When we got back to the room I replaced the TV cable and the toilet flush handle. While I was at it I decided to investigate the wimpy shower. I unscrewed the shower head from its flex hose and found a small O-ring that looked like its only purpose in life was to restrict the water. I tossed it. Donna took a shower and said it was wonderful. We made our nightly trek to get fresh towels. We had our high-priced Panera leftovers for supper.

The ignition switch started working better throughout the day. I gave it a spritz of WD40 just in case. Perhaps some dirt had gotten in it? I'm going to look into getting a replacement switch just to be safe.

122 miles.

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