2020 Fall motorcycle trip

Day 2

October 2

Today was a crisp, sunny morning. We didn't get up very early since the antique shops don't open until 10am. It was nice to lay around for awhile. Donna went to the front desk and was able to acquire a coffee machine. Eventually we wandered outside to get the bike ready. Take the cover off. Let the bike warm up. Fire up the GPS. I love my GPS276CX, but an annoying feature is the amount of time it takes to load a route. My old 478 would load a route in a few seconds. This GPS takes about ten minutes while it 'imports shaping points'...whatever that means. Then Donna can smoke or we go back inside for awhile.

The temperature was in the upper 40s when we got ready to leave. We were looking forward to some riding and antiquing. Today we will take a southwesterly route. As we rode around the hotel I noticed the GPS had not loaded the route. Hmmmmmmmm. I entered the route again. I didn't want to wait for ten minutes for it to reload so we headed south on Tates Creek Road. That was the general direction we needed to go. Until the route loads the GPS is useless for navigation. When the route finally loaded it would put us back on our intended route.

It didn't take long before we were riding in the country with the beautiful horse farms and miles of black fences. Did I mention it was chilly? According to signs this road ends in a ferry crossing of the Kentucky River. I don't think we want to go that far this morning.

Eventually the GPS loaded the route and directed us west on KY-169 to the first town on our journey...Nicholasville. When we came to the stoplight in Nicholasville we were pleasantly surprised to find an antique store that we didn't know was there. Bonus!

Nicholasville, KY. 9:35, mileage 105,591 - The bike needed fuel and Donna wanted some coffee so we stopped at a Speedway station. I'm normally not a breakfast person but today a biscuit sandwich sounded good. They didn't have any, so a hotdog and a tea sufficed.

When I got back to the bike I shared the hotdog with Donna. She was watching several police cars at a house down the block. They were coming and going like they were searching for someone. One sat in the Speedway lot for a few minutes. As fast as they had come they were gone. Not sure who/what they were looking for.

A guy on a burgundy Goldwing honked as he went by. A few minutes later he pulled in beside us and we talked for awhile. He said he works on motorcycles there in Nicholasville, and specialized in Goldwings. Nice guy, but I didn't get his name.

As we were talking black smoke starting rolling from somewhere nearby. Something big was on fire. Soon ashes were dropping around us.

The guy on the Goldwing left to go investigate the fire.

Soon a fire truck arrived...

...then another...and another.

We decided to go check it out ourselves, and walked through a couple parking lots.

We couldn't tell what was burning. By now the fire department had knocked it down and it was more steam than smoke. We headed back to the bike.

Traffic was heavy due to all the commotion and when it finally cleared we headed to our newfound store...the This and That Vendors Mall. It was nice to be antiquing and in a warm store. Donna looks for things quilt-related and stuff for her grandkids. She also looks for Pyrex bowls but it is hard to find one she doesn't have. I keep an eye out for diecast models of semi trucks or a tool I might use. I bought a cheap pair of gloves to keep my hands warm on the bike, and then never wore them the entire trip. Donna found a pair of insulated boots that she wore every day.

Our first planned store, Coach Light Antiques, was just a couple blocks away so we walked. Donna got a whole box of quilt squares for next to nothing. She also bought a cast iron pot to put in her camper for campfire cooking. She is already wearing the boots she bought earlier.

Our next stop was at Chapman's Antiques in nearby Wilmore.

They didn't have a lot to look at so we didn't stay long. It was more furniture odds and ends than anything. An added step this year is putting our masks on before entering the stores.

Harrodsburg is our next stop so we rode down US68. This was a nice ride. As you approach the Kentucky River the road gets curvy for awhile, then you ride along the river, then the road gets curvy again. Very enjoyable and scenic!

Along the way we passed Shaker Village. Our group went here in 2006. It stormed on us. I had forgotten my rain gear so I had to make do with a trash bag. Memories.

Downtown Harrodsburg, KY. The store we were looking for wasn't where I thought it should be, so we parked and decided to walk around to look for it. Even with mapping software and Google maps some things just aren't where they are supposed to be.

We found it...J. Sampson Antiques...but the owner had apparently left for a long lunch. We went to a pet store across the street and got Buford a toy. Around the block we stopped at a church bazaar. Donna found some comfy slippers. We also bought some streudel to snack on. We are having a nice supper later.

The Rags to Riches Antique Center in Harrodsburg was our next stop. As we walked into the store I heard a train horn. Ahhhhhh...trains. Donna got a bunch of socks here for Christmas gifts. She also found a wooden American flag for her camper.

When we are in the antique stores I mostly follow Donna around. Sometimes I might stop to look at something and when I'm done I look around to find Donna is gone. My heart is sad for the few seconds it takes me to find her. She is my precious.

It was a short ride to the Vendors Village Flea Market in Danville. It was a big store and we spent about forty minutes here but didn't buy anything.

Our last stop in Danville was Cooks Collectables. It ended up being more of a small pawn shop/junk store. We were in and out quickly.

From Danville we headed west on US150.

There were plenty of gated nice homes to see. That's a lot of yard to mow.

Our next stop was in Perryville at Chaplin River Antiques. When planning today's route I debated about stopping here. It looked kind of dinky on a Google reviews. But I'm glad we did.

The items in the store weren't anything to write home about, but I did find this coffin interesting. Especially its story. I enjoy Civil War history and I wasn't aware there was a battle here.

The most interesting aspect of this stop was the walkway along the river. It looks like there might have been a bridge here long ago. If so, where did it go?

There is a spring under the antique store.

The walkway was peaceful and pretty. It seems like a nice little town. I made a mental note to read up on the Battle of Perryville.

There was a yard sale next door that we checked out briefly. There was a squirrel running along the overhead lines that entertained us for a few minutes.

Soon we were westbound on US150 again and headed for a special place...Mordecai's Restuarant in Springfield. We had intended to eat there on our summer trip but it was closed. We made sure it was open today.

Parked in downtown Springfield. Mordecai's is a couple blocks further but I wanted to park in a spot that was flat. It wasn't very busy when we arrived, so we didn't have to wait. We planned to get the buffet but we noticed it was empty. Hmmmmmmm. We asked the waitress about the buffet. It started at 4pm if we wanted to wait the 30 minutes. We ordered an appetizer and decided to wait. Slowly they set up the buffet and Donna gasped in delight when they put out a pan of frog legs. We ate like kings.

Look at that happy face. She is full of frog legs and there are leftovers in the trunk. There were a couple more antique stores in Bardstown but they would be closing soon at 5pm. We decided to leave them for another day and head back to the hotel. It was a nice ride up KY-555 and then on US62.

The pretty Kentucky countryside.

We were done antiquing for the day but not done shopping. We had made a list of things we needed from Walmart so we stopped in Lawrenceburg.

Leaving Lawrenceburg we passed the Wild Turkey Distillery and a huge abandoned railroad trestle. The trestle now serves as a bungie jumping location. It's sad that trains no longer rumble across this majestic bridge.

My sister jumped here this past summer.

Versailles, KY. 18:13, mileage 105,710 - Fuel stop and cigarettes for Donna.

Back at the hotel, and in the spot we would park in every night. The side entrance was a nice place for Donna to smoke. There were several squirrels in the trees that were fun to watch.

That night the flush handle in the toilet broke so we had to manually flush it. We had to go to the front desk and get more towels. They said if we left our used towels in a bag outside our door housekeeping would replace them. They never did. I took a shower and agreed with Donna that the pressure sucked.

Nevertheless, it had been a fun day of antiquing and riding. Ahhhhhhh...vacation.

152 miles.

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