EdSets 3G headsets

After the Goldwing crash I replaced my helmet and bought Donna her own helmet (she had been using a spare). I took the opportunity to upgrade my headset and put one on her's. I had previously had the EdSets 2G version. This time I bought the 3G version.

The 3G headset comes with an intermediate cable along with the standard coiled cable. Normally this stays connected but can be removed.

The microphone is also removeable. The boom on my 2G headset was stiffer. Time will tell which I like better.

Another nice feature of the 3G series is an input jack for an MP3 player, etc.

The main junction point is externally mounted. Mushroom velcro is normally used. My helmet has some sculpturing and I knew the velcro wouldn't hold well. I found some spots where I didn't think there'd be any electronics and hard-mounted it with stainless machine screws.

Another mod I did was use the speakers out of a set of Sony headphones I had lying around. The sound quality is noticeably better than the EdSet speakers (which are very good speakers). I adhered them to the helmet with Permatex blue RTV and clamped them in place. This gets them as far back as possible to avoid ear interference. The ear padding is comfortable and focuses the sound to the ears.

I used the EdSet speakers in Donna's helmet, but I left them out of their pouch. I cut up a cheap wax applicator to space the speakers out some. The puffiness of the applicator lets the speakers float. I used Permatex here, too. The closer the speakers are to the ears the better they sound, but you don't want them to rub or get in the way when you put on the helmet.

Here are the helmets and EdSets waiting for the next ride.

Update: Some positives and negatives after a couple years' use.

- It is nice to be able to remove the cord from the helmet.
- The input port on the helmet is a nice feature.

- The connection between the two cords has a tendency to come loose and cause an intermittent connection.
- The microphone boom has fallen out of both helmets a couple times. We haven't lost any booms but I can see it happening. Replacements are $55. (Now $73)
- The microphone boom on Donna's headset has developed an intermittent connection.
- The microphone booms aren't as stiff as the version 2 headsets. Stiffer would be better.

- It would be nice if the main body of the headsets had a removable door so you could get to all of the connections.

Update April 2017 - In the last year I've had to replace both boom microphones at $73 apiece.

Update July 2019 - Had to replace another boom microphone. Now they are $63. The booms are too floppy and I think the wires inside break over time.

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