Doran TPMS

Several years ago I had a Tiregard TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system). It was an okay system but I eventually took it off. The monitor part was similar to a keychain fob and I could never find a decent place to mount it. I also noticed the remote sensors didn't seem to be very accurate.

Last fall I had an incident where my car tire picked up a nail. I noticed on the way home from work that it felt funny. When I checked the air at home it only had a few pounds in it. Even though the car tire is not a run flat type it still acts similar to one compared to a motorcycle tire. Since it isn't obvious when the car tire goes flat it got me thinking about TPMSs again.

After some research I decided to try the Doran 360 TPMS. It seems to have a lot of support. It has a nice display unit and a remote warning light.

I tried a couple mounting locations for the display and eventually settled on the left storage pocket. It would be out of the weather and away from thieving eyes but easy to check.

I mounted the warning light on the dash. It is easy to see when driving.

So far the system has worked well. It seems to agree with my air pressure gauges. When I initially installed the system both tires were low due to sitting all winter and the TPMS alerted me to both tires.

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