Garage door opener project

When I bought my house the big garage had two garage door openers. One was missing the battery door and was taped up. The battery was dead so I threw it on a shelf. Fast forward fifteen years. The battery in my door opener finally died so I bought replacement batteries. They came two to a pack so I pulled the old remote off the shelf in an attempt to revive it. There was so much corrosion on the terminals it would barely work with a new battery, but the wheels were already turning in my mind.

Years ago I read some threads on the GL1800riders forum about remote mounting a garage door opener. There have been various configurations. I decided to come up with one of my own. The disassembled remote reveals a small circuit board.

I desoldered the battery terminals and connected power wires.

I used some 3M molding tape to mount the crcuit board to the back of the left storage pocket.

I connected the power wires to the cigarette plug that is installed in the storage pocket. This way when I remove the storage pocket everything will come out as a unit.

This new door opener setup works great. Pop the storage lid and push the button. No worrying about batteries, and the whole thing is weatherproof.

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