2021 Owensboro daytrip

Donna usually works nine days then has five days off. Unfortunately, due to a multitude of hospital-related issues she is working more than normal. This upcoming weekend she is only off Saturday and Sunday. Earlier this week she suggested a ride to Owensboro to eat at Don Pablo's restaurant. We ate there on our summer trip last year. It's a date! My motorcycles are washed and shiny for the first time in two years.

Since we will be in the area we will make another trip to Derby, IN. I like watching Dirt Perfect videos on YouTube. He is based in Derby, IN, on the Ohio River. His family owns a country store there and I've thought it would be a nice place to visit as part of a motorcycle ride. On our ride to Evansville a couple month's ago we stopped at the Derby Store to check it out. It was a nice store, but it wasn't the store I was expecting. The Dirt Perfect-related store is actually the Derby Market down the road. We'll visit the correct store this time. I also found a couple new-to-us antique stores in Owensboro.

We told the normal folks about our intended ride, and the Kurdzioleks were able to go. We would meet at Reveres at 10am.

August 7

It's been stinking hot lately but the temperature today is only supposed to be in the mid-80's. We rode to Reveres, filled the tank, got some drinks, and waited for the Kurdzioleks. We didn't wait long. They arrived on their new Indian Roadmaster as we were getting fuel.

After some socializing we headed south on IN-37. It is a nice leisurely drive through the towns of Mitchell, Orleans, and Paoli. We have been seeing lots of other bikes out. South of Paoli IN-37 becomes a nice, sweeping road. Near English IN-37 becomes IN-237. There were no road closures near English for the first time in a long time. Just fresh new pavement.

Experiencing deja vu, as we neared the intersection in Sulphur Donna requested a bathroom break. Her morning coffee had completed its journey. We stopped at the now familiar general store there. We took a stretch break and enjoyed the wonderful weather.

Donna and coffee are a funny story. For years she detested it. The taste, the smell. Now she drinks it every day.

Another popular destination in the area is the Overlook Restaurant in Leavenworth. It is about ten miles east of here on IN-62/66. They have excellent country food and the restaurant sits on an overlook above the Ohio River. It's not on the route today. From here we take IN-66 south.

18 miles later we arrived at the Derby Market. It was a nice country store. It'll be a while before we eat so we grabbed some snacks and drinks.

If you watch the Dirt Perfect videos you'll recognize the green Mack. It looks like they are building a nice pole barn. They haven't mentioned that in their videos. Hopefully it will be in upcoming episodes. I love garage builds.

We sat outside and enjoyed our snacks. Little sweat bee-like flies were a nuisance. I can't remember their name. Honey flies?

From here we will ride IN-66 to Tell City. This section of IN-66 is new to me. Jerri said there is an overlook they like to stop at, so they will lead us there.

On a straight stretch south of Derby Donna looked to the right and saw Dirt Perfect's house on a hill. She recognized it from his videos. I'm surprised she paid that much attention.

IN-66 is a nice road to ride but you have to keep an eye out for gravel in the curves.

They led us to the Eagle's Bluff Park and Overlook. It is a nice park with air conditioned restrooms.

Taking a short path leads to an overlook of the Cannelton Dam & Locks. We watched a tug push some barges through the locks. There were some people frolicking on the sandbar across the river.

A picture of Donna and I as I fumble with my phone trying to take a selfie.

From here we crossed the river at Tell City and headed north on KY-334. This is shown on Google Maps as a river road and scenic byway. I would have to disagree. The first few miles were okay but after that it was kind of bland.

Our first stop in Owensboro was the Owensboro Peddler's Mall. It took us a minute to find it since it is now the T&T Vendor's Mall. Donna found some items in here. It is a big place and my feet were tired by the time we were done.

About a half mile before we got here we passed a building labelled "Consumer Mall". We were tempted to stop and check it out but didn't because we didn't know what it was. Days later I would find out it was 'Owensboro's biggest antique mall'. Curses!

Our next stop was the Owensboro Trading Post. This was a true antique store. Lots of old stuff...and a little on the expensive side. Jerri had her eye on a few things but left empty handed.

Our last stop was downtown at Don Pablo's Restaurant. Since it was warm out we ate inside. The food was wonderful and there was plenty to take home. This is one of our favorite mexican restaurants. Mike had a big bowl of seafood...kind of a seafood soup. It looked interesting.

With supper finished we took the bridge out of Owensboro, Old SR45 to Rockport, then US231 north. We stopped in Huntingburg for gas. From here it was a familiar ride through Jasper, Loogootee, Shoals, then back to Bedford. At the IN-37 overpass we went our separate ways. Another great ride. 232 miles. Great friends and weather. I could do this every day.

See you on the Highway!

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