2021 Evansville daytrip

A week or so ago Donna suggested going on a Sunday motorcycle ride. It was her weekend off and the weather was supposed to be nice. We hadn't gotten to do as much riding on our Ohio trip a couple weeks ago due to some trailer damage and having to switch to the Sequoia.

The next question I had to ponder was "where to ride to?". There's nowhere in southern Indiana we haven't ridden so it is difficult to come up with an interesting route. I like watching Dirt Perfect videos on YouTube. He is based in Derby, IN, on the Ohio River. His family owns a country store there and I've thought it would be a nice place to visit as part of a motorcycle ride. Evansville is a scenic ride from there so I found a couple antique stores that were open. A ride was forming!

We told the normal folks about our intended ride, and the Kurdzioleks were able to go. We would meet at Reveres at 10am.

May 30

When we awoke this morning the temperature was a balmy 45 degrees. Brrrrrrrrrr. It was supposed to be 70*-ish later in the day. It will be jacket weather for the ride. We rode to Reveres, filled the tank, got some drinks, and waited for the Kurdzioleks. We didn't wait long. Soon they arrived on their new Indian Roadmaster. Jerri showed us her new Indian jacket.

We headed south on IN-37. It is a nice leisurely drive through the towns of Mitchell, Orleans, and Paoli. We have been seeing lots of other bikes out. South of Paoli IN-37 becomes a nice, sweeping road. Near English IN-37 becomes IN-237. South of English we had to double back to avoid a closed road.

As we neared the intersection in Sulphur, Donna requested a bathroom break. Her coffee had completed its journey. Luckily, there is a general store there. We took a stretch break and enjoyed the wonderful weather.

Another popular destination in the area is the Overlook Restaurant in Leavenworth. It is about ten miles east of here on IN-62/66. They have excellent country food and the restaurant sits on an overlook above the Ohio River. It's not on the route today. From here we take IN-66 south.

18 miles later we arrived at the Derby Store. I was surprised because this wasn't the place I expected it to be. I looked at Google maps and found the place I meant to go to was the Derby Market...not Store. Who would have thought they'd have so many general stores in the small burg of Derby? Oh well, we are already here and parked. We'll check this place out.

I enjoy country stores. For most of my life we had a nice general store in Fayetteville where I live. It has been there since the late 1800's. My mom worked there when she was young. Several years ago it was sold to a Middle Eastern crew. They turned it into a junky convenience store and it closed a couple years ago. Now it is abandoned and an eyesore. A new Dollar General store across the road has pretty much guaranteed it will never reopen. Sad.

The plan is to grab something quick for lunch. Donna got a bologna sandwich and I got turkey. We sat outside on a picnic table and watched the Ohio River float by. I was surprised to find we were in the Central Time zone. I didn't realize it extended this far east. My phone had updated its time quickly. The GPS is supposed to but didn't. Sometimes it does. More Garmin quirkiness.

On our Ohio trip we had issues with the GPS doing off route recalculations and screwing up the route by ignoring waypoints I had defined. Since then I have turned the 'off route recalculation' option to 'off'. I am liking that selection better. When you look at the GPS you can immediately see you are off route. If you don't realize the GPS has recalculated your route it can lead you down a bad road...literally.

From here we headed west on IN-70 on our way to Evansville. About a half mile up the road we passed the Derby Market that I was expecting. West of Troy we turned back onto IN-66 and took it to Newburgh. From here we rode along the river. In every town we passed through we kept an eye out for an unexpected antique store.

We took Pollack Avenue to our first stop...the Riverside Antique Mall. We found some shaded parking and did our typical stop things. Mike checks his blood sugar. Donna smokes a cigarette. I take pictures. We spent close to an hour in here. Donna got some quilt sections.

One thing Mike is missing about his old Goldwing is the reverse gear. Getting out of here was a two-person backing job with Jerri assisting. Overall, he is enjoying his transition back to two wheels.

Evansville, IN. 14:39, mileage 107,177 - Gas stop. Mike's new 1892cc beast and smaller tank means he has less range than he used to.

There were some railroad cars across the road and a switcher engine that appeared to be tied down.

Our last antique store was up the road at the Haubstadt Antique Mall. When we got there all we could find was an auto parts distribution building. According to Google maps it was supposed to be there but we couldn't find it. (Update: It had permanently closed the week before) Since we couldn't find the antique store we abandoned our search and headed east to IN-57. Even though I-69 would have been quicker I much prefer the 2-lanes. You get to see more of Americana this way. IN-57 led to Washington and from there we took US50 to Loogootee and Shoals.

At Shoals we stopped at one of our favorite ride destinations...Bomacs Drive-in. We'll have supper here. I had my heart set on a pizza burger but the waitress shot me down. They were out of them. I had a fish sandwich instead. I enjoy eating at Bomacs but it seems to me their food isn't as good as it used to be. The fish was a little bland and had bones in it. The french fries didn't seem fresh.

I loved the color of this Jeep.

From here it was a familiar ride back to Bedford. At the IN-37 overpass we went our separate ways. Another great ride. 250 miles. Great friends and weather.

See you on the Highway!

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