Arm rest cupholder

To go along with the armrests I added I installed a cupholder. I found one made by Add-On on Ebay.

The cupholder arms are adjustable and the whole thing folds up when not used. One thing I didn't like was the mounting bracket. It was PLASTIC! A plastic bracket isn't gonna hold my girlfriend's polar pops for very long. Plus...the cupholder part has six mounting holes and the bracket only has one. Something better must be created.

I rummaged through my junk pile and found a piece of 1/8" metal that I made into a bracket.

The remodelled cupholder. The bracket sandwiches the armrest bracket. If it works well I will paint it.

The cupholder will hold a very large cup.

Update: The cupholder is marginal for holding things. It would make a better 'cup launcher'. I've since upgraded to Coolie Caddies which I like a lot better.

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