Kuryakyn passenger cruise pegs

I put on Wingleader pegs on for my girlfriend who was 5'2". Fast forward 3 years and I now have a girlfriend 5'7". The Wingleader pegs don't do her any good so I bought a set of the new Kuryakyn cruise pegs (P/N 7016).

The well-packaged kit arrived in a few days. Nice and speedy. I got the kit on Ebay.

The kit comes with everything shown and nice installation instructions. The peg pads are plastic instead of the traditional rubber.

Removing the stock floorboards takes a 6mm Allen socket. The Cruise Pegs go on the outside.

I knew from research that most people add some spacing so the pegs don't hit the bike when folded. I used 7/16" nuts for spacers.

Everything easily bolts together. Don't forget the LocTite. There is a setscrew that adjusts the peg height.

Without the spacers the footpeg would contact the side cover.

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