2013 Georgia motorcycle trip
Day 7

May 24

Today is our man trip to Southern Powersports to get Mike's hitch put on. It's also our last vacation day in Georgia...sniff, sniff. While waiting for John and Mike to finish smoking I climbed to the garage observation deck and took some pictures.

Another beautiful day.

The bikes pulled out and ready to go.

The prison in the distance.

Last night I plotted a backroads course to Southern Powersports. It was no accident we went by the manly 6-bay garage.

We arrived right at opening time. Mike checked in with Todd and soon Mike was riding his bike into their service bay. We passed the time by checking out the bikes for sale, the displays, and...

...other people's bikes. These guys came from Michigan. The Venture has lots of options on it.

A very basic trike.

Mean looking, but $$$$.

The former Kurdziolek Venture. Traded in for $7500. Asking price $9973.

We were outside when a possible buyer rolled the old Venture outside. Mike went over and gave him some details of its history.

Earlier a switcher pulling hoppers had went east. The hopper cars had some grafitti similar to the hoppers parked in Chickamauga yesterday. While we were outside another small train headed west towards the interchange yard for the local railroad. I love trains. Too bad you can't hop on a car and just ride.

We had guestimated it would take a couple hours to get the hitch installed. Wrong. It took about 3 hours to get the hitch installed then they started looking at the TPMS problem Mike was having. They determined it was a bad sensor so they gave Mike a brand new rear wheel & tire off a 2013 trike conversion. Lucky dog!!

Fairview, GA. 13:23, mileage 65,971 - By the time it was all said and done it took over 4 hours to get everything done. We fueled up and headed back the same way we'd came.

We had leftovers for lunch. I ate some chicken livers.

After lunch we set out on a country cruise loop through the valley that John came up with the night before. There is supposed to be a battlefield marker and some antebellum mansions that we'll keep an eye out for.

Another nice garage setup.

The route took GA-341 to the end of Hog Jowl Road then looped back north on GA-193. This was a typical view. Mountains (bluffs?) on either side of the peaceful valley. We never found the battlefield marker.

At the intersection with GA-136 we stopped at the Dollar General store to get some supplies and use the restroom. We got the supplies but the restrooms were out of order.

So we went across the road to the convenience store for a fountain pop. There were a couple characters in there of questionable hygiene and blood alcohol content.

We took curvy GA-136 to the top of the mountain and rode south on GA-157. On a map this road looked like it would have good views of the valley. Unfortunately to get a view of the valley I think you'd have to buy one of the many lots for sale. All we saw were trees. At the end of the mountain we took GA-337 back to Lafayette and eventually the house.

Rock Spring, GA. 17:35, mileage 66,090 - We fueled the bikes with inexpensive gas and the smokers bought cheap cigarettes by the carton.

When we got to the house I backed the bike down the driveway and hitched the trailer. Sigh...

Somebody has the 'vacation is almost over' pout.

We had leftovers again for supper. We had bought lunch meat for supper tonight but we'll have a picnic lunch tomorrow somewhere. We packed as much as possible, then spent the rest of the evening porch setting and taking in the last of the Georgia wonderment. The moon is teasing us to stay longer.

When Mike hooked up his trailer he found the left and right turn signals were mis-wired. John fixed him up.

134 miles.

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