2013 Georgia motorcycle trip
Day 5

May 22

Today we will be tourists and do some of the well known attractions around Chattanooga...the Incline Railway, Rock City, and Ruby Falls.

Donna awoke this morning with a nasty headache. She took some medicine for it and by the time we left the house it was messing with her stomach. Poor thing.

There is a chance of rain for the next three days. There's currently no rain in the area but the skies are mostly cloudy which I like.

After yesterday's GPS hiccups I was happy when the GPS led us to the Incline Railway parking lot.

The inclined railway will take us way up there, then we'll walk a few blocks to Point Park. We took advantage of a package deal offered for the inclined railway, Rock City, and Ruby Falls. It saved us some money and we only had to buy tickets once.

At the bottom of the incline you end up sitting with a backwards tilt. As you go up the mountain the car starts tilting more and more foward. The ride is smooth, but I could tell Donna's stomach was still bothering her.

At the top they had a little food stand/gift shop. I got a hot dog. Donna ate the bun to settle her stomach and I ate the weiner (Hush Mike).

The view from the incline railway station.

Off we go to Point Park. There were nice houses along the way. The ones on the right had incredible views.

The last house on the right before the park was a nice looking old Victorian house. It caught my eye because it had a couple radio towers with it, and I'm kind of a radio nerd.

The guy on the bike asked us to take his picture. We talked to him for awhile and he gave us some tips on good places to ride. Nice guy.

Once inside the park we checked out the displays. I loved the cannon views. I tried to imagine being here 150 years ago as the battles raged below.

Wild and crazy girls. Jerri gave Donna a couple Pepto Bismols and I think she is starting to feel better.

We took a side path down to a small museum.

The museum had some nice displays related to Lookout Mountain...both military and non-military.

We finished the park loop then went to the park service building where we scored some pins. It was a little humid outside so the air conditioning felt good. On the way back to the railway station we checked out some of the houses a little closer. Back at the station we did some shopping and found...more pins!

Back at the bottom we decided to have some lunch. There were a couple restaurants in the area so we walked to BBQ 'n' More. We got there just in time to beat a tour bus. Some of them sat near us and one of the women in the tour talked incessantly. I enjoyed the food. Donna not as much. She thought her chicken was bland and they put onions in her hash brown casserole.

Our next stop was Rock City. The entrance was next to the barbeque place and the road up was nice and curvy. I wasn't sure what Rock City was but I really enjoyed it. The jist is you follow a circuitous path through gardens and caves. There are some displays in the caves. There are animals to see. There are nice views of the valleys below. We did a lot of walking. At the shops we scored some more pins and Donna got some gifts for her kids.

Our last attraction for the day was Ruby Falls. Once again I had no clue what it was, and once again I really enjoyed it. We followed more curvy roads to get there.

Some history of the falls: In 1905 the natural entrance to Lookout Mountain Cave was closed during the construction of a railway tunnel. In the 1920s a chemist and cave enthusiast named Leo Lambert thought he could re-open the cave as a tourist attraction. He planned to make an opening further up the mountain than the original opening and transport tourists to the cave via an elevator. In 1928 he began to drill through the limestone. In doing so, he discovered a small passageway about 18 inches high and four feet wide. Exploring this opening, Lambert discovered the formerly hidden Ruby Falls Cave and its waterfall.

We were taken down an elevator to the tunnel. On the guided tour to the falls you see lots of interesting cave formations and are given lots of historic information. The cave is nice and cool and there is quite a bit of walking. The tour guide made me the 'caboose' which meant I brought up the rear so no one got too far behind. After the tour we hit the gift shop for more pins!

They advertise the height of Ruby Falls as 145 feet. I have a 70 foot tall radio tower. Staring at the falls I couldn't help but think it didn't look much taller than my radio tower. Just saying...

Chickamauga, GA. 17:48, mileage 65,871 - After a full day of fun we headed back to the house stopping for gas in Chickamauga. It looks like it could rain at any moment. As we left the parking lot we started getting a raindrop here and there. By the time we turned off the highway it started to sprinkle.

We were hoping to make it home before the rain but no such luck. Just as we started our hill climb the skies opened up. We were soaked by the time we got the house.

Almost as quickly as it had come the rain disappeared and we were left with a beautiful evening sky. Debby made stuffed peppers...mmmmmmmmmmm. Donna and I were sore from all the walking so we took a soak in the hottub. It helped a lot.

Tomorrow we are riding the rails.

52 miles.

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