2013 Georgia motorcycle trip
Day 2

May 19

The forecast for today had been for rain and unfortunately the forecasts were correct. When I woke up Donna was already up and she delivered the dreary news. I could hear thunder in the distance.

The previous owner of my house was a truck driver and he had window shades on the bedroom windows so the room could be dark any time. Donna has grown accustomed to sleeping in the dark. Here, when the sun comes up, she can't sleep and is up. I, on the other hand, can sleep anytime, anywhere.

Around 8'ish I got out of bed. Brushed my teeth, washed my face, got dressed. Our bedroom has an attached bath and large walk-in closet which is nice. I looked outside at the weather. Yes...it looks like crap. The weather radar didn't look any better. There is more bad news. None of us hit the Powerball. Sigh...

I walked around to see what was going on and to explore the house a little more. John parked his trike under the porch...

...and Mike and I used the garage.

John was cooking some eggs. I wasn't too hungry so Donna made us toast. Debby and Jerri were surfing the internet.

We sat on the couch and watched TV...when it would receive. The house has DirecTV and the stormy weather was killing its reception.

There is a nice closed-in room to hang out in and watch the weather. We primarily used it as a dining room. Today Debby and Mike used it to work on a jigsaw puzzle.

Donna and I decided to retire to the bottom floor and play some pool. We played several games of Eight Ball.

I liked this table. It was an old commercial table and has a cool ball return system. The balls returned to a location on the side but the cue ball would go to the breaking end. There is a lever that dumps the balls and they go to the racking end. It took Donna and I a few minutes to figure out how everything worked.

They have a nice selection of pool cues and chalk. One item they didn't have was powder. If we go the store again I'll try to remember to pick some up. I don't like playing pool with a dry cue stick.

After Donna and I finished playing Mike and I played a few games. When he went upstairs to do some food preparation I piddled on my laptop for awhile. I noticed I hadn't seen Donna so I went upstairs to look for her. No Donna there, either.

There she is. Bless her heart.

Since Donna was snoozing I decided to investigate our radio issues. I went to the Kennedy Technologies website and found the DIP switch settings for the Yaesu FT-1900 radio setup. I checked the settings on my FRSet and they were completely different from what they should have been. Last summer we had used Kenwood TK-250 portables on our South Dakota trip. Last fall I had put in a Yaesu FTM-10R for a couple months but could never feel the love for it so I sold it. Apparently I was still using the old DIP switch settings. Maybe John was too?

John came out and we checked his settings. They were incorrect also. He had his radio set at 55W so we set it to 10W. With all the DIP switches properly set the radios sounded much better. The audio was clear and no longer sounded overmodulated. Hopefully this did the trick.

There was a break in the weather so John, Donna, and I rode to Rock Springs for cigarettes and supplies and a cappuccino for Debby. I got some powder for the pool cues and we picked up some decent toilet paper.

The convenience store is only a few hundred yards from the Dollar General Store but in that distance the weather went from no rain to a downpour. Donna was surprised to find cigarettes are $2.50/pack cheaper down here. Did I mention Indiana taxes the crap out of everything?

The cappuccino machine was out of cappuccino mix and the lady who worked there had no clue how to change it so John changed it for her. She gave him a free cappuccino.

There is good news on the radio front too. They are working great now. John kept saying he thought the problem would be something simple and it was. We also noticed the rain packed driveway was easier to negotiate.

When we got back Donna and I played a few more games of pool. The powdered cues made a world of difference.

Soon it was time for supper. Steak and potatoes. It was some of the best steak I've ever had. We decided to have a couples' pool tournament. Mike & Jerri won the tournament and bragging rights.

Afterwards we sat under the deck and watched the rain come and go. There was a bird's nest we kept watching to see if it was active. John noticed the hottub needed some water and this brought on one of the great unsolved mysteries of the house. There was a garden hose in a storage closet near the tub. However, no amount of searching could locate a spigot. We never did find one. Donna ended up filling the hottub with a bucket from our kitchen sink.

Donna made me take this couple's picture. Sorry if I scare the children.

Everyone spent the rest of the evening piddling around. The next two days are supposed to be nice weather.

5.7 miles.

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