2013 Georgia motorcycle trip


- I still can't believe Mike got a Goldwing!

- 1335 miles. Not many miles compared to our South Dakota trip last year but that was the point. More time spent having fun.

- I think this is the nicest house and views we've had.

- Our Goldwings have more offroad experience under their belts after negotiating the driveway.

- It's nice to have good radio communications.

- The official color of Mike's bike is 'black cherry'.

- I think the owner of Viewtopia needs to find a new handyman. The deck railing is held up by the pickets and there is no cap on the handrail. Our bathroom vanity is too close to the wall and one of the drawers hits the door trim. They need to neaten up their wiring.

- Southern Powersports get two thumbs up for bike sales.

- Southern Powersports get two thumbs down for hitch installation. We'd have been better off installing it ourselves.

- As with most of our trips we didn't do all the things we planned but we did things we didn't plan.

- Our two trips to Georgia have been so nice that next year we're talking about going to northeast Georgia. Nice roads. Friendly people. Low gas prices. Lots to see and do.

- The best part of the trip was spending time with Donna.

- John & Debby have broken ground on their new house. Donna & I are continuing with our remodeling. Nonetheless, we've got a couple smaller trips planned for this year. Stay tuned...

See you on the Highway!

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