Goldwing CB antenna installation

Whether I bought a CB or not I was going to put a CB antenna on. I like the balanced look of two antennas. I bought the Big Bike Parts antenna from HDL.

To me the instructed routing of the CB coax connections is odd. The CB cable runs through the trunk to underneath the seat. Some of the left speaker pod is removed so you can run the antenna coax under the seat to meet the CB coax. This seemed unnecessary to me and I ran the coax directly from the antenna to the CB.

The bolt holes locations are already marked on the trunk from the factory.

I drilled pilot holes from the inside then marked a point in between for the coax.

Drill all the holes to 3/8".

Position the gasket. The coax nipple takes some wiggling to get through the hole.

Position the ground strap and bolt the antenna to the trunk. There is some adjustment so align the CB antenna with the stereo antenna before final tightening.

A much simpler path than the factory recommended routing. I made a notch so the coax wouldn't interfere with the inner trunk lid.

I later changed the connectors to PL-259 type.

The coax is out of the way. Since all the coax is in the trunk it would be easier to hook an SWR meter to it.

All covered up.


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