Brake pedal remodel

While I was messing with the heel/toe shifter on the left side of the bike I was also piddling with the brake pedal. It is a little higher than I like so I thought I would adjust it.

Here is the stock height. My feet normally point down and out a little and to apply the brake I have to raise up my foot and move it over. Not a big deal, but I sometimes have ankle pain and the less movement the better.

I had a hard time getting the pedal to slip off the spline shaft. Then it occurred to me the clamping bolt probably rides in a groove on the shaft. This required removing the peg.

I moved the brake pedal one spline on the shaft. It put the pedal too low.

I put an old brake pedal cover off my Nomad on to raise it up some. That was much more to my liking. I decided to see if I could find a pad for the Goldwing brake pedal.

I found a brake pedal pad at (Big Bikes P/N 21-551).

The pad slips over the pedal and is clamped on by set screws. I only had three screws so I guess they didn't send one.

The pad attached quickly and easily and I like the added width. It was still a little low so I used this adjustment procedure from the GL1800riders forum to raise the pedal another 3/8" or so.

Just where I wanted it.

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