LED brakelight

When looking at Goldwings I've always liked the rear trunk spoilers, both for the look and the added brake light. I planned to put one on a Goldwing if I bought one. When I got mine it came with a Kuryakyn luggage rack but no spoiler. The spoiler will fit with the Kuryakyn rack.

I was looking at the rear of my Goldwing pondering a spoiler. I really liked the free space under the luggage rack. It would be easy to clean. Putting a spoiler on would make it harder to clean. I noticed the Kuryakyn rack has a spoiler-like swoop on it and it's flat. Hmmmmmm...I wonder if I could find a spoiler light that would mount there?

I did a Google search and found this universal 15.5" LED light at Spoilerlights.com for $45.

The light fits nicely under the luggage rack lip and is bright. This will work nicely and is a lot cheaper than the $250 spoiler.

It's mocked up for the time being. I ordered some risers for the luggage rack. When I install the risers I'll permanently install the light, too. I'll use 3M trim adhesive tape.

Here is the mounted light. The wire goes under the center of the rack and down behind the backrest. You don't see it unless you're looking for it.

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