2014 Blairsville Motorcycle trip


- 1786 miles of fun, memories made, and stories to tell.

- After conquering the hill to the cabin and the off camber parking we will smirk at the complaints of lesser riders. Ha!

- When I got home I took my two-way radio apart with the intent of soldering my speaker wires to the circuit board. In doing so I found my problem. One of the legs of the speaker jack was broken and making intermittent connection with the circuit board. It is now fixed.

- Before vacation the rear speakers on the bike didn't work. I found if I turned off the low pass filter on the amplifier they worked. On Day 9 the amplifier quit. It is the second amplifier that has died on the bike. When I got home I removed it. I'll just use the radio amplifier, and it gives me more room in the trunk.

- Taking two days to get to the destination, and to get home, is the way to go. The trip doesn't suddenly end. It transitions.

- I think there will be another trip to the South Carolina area in our future. Greenville, Spartanburg, Columbia are still unexplored. There were many potential visitations mentioned that were simply a 'bridge too far' from our Blairsville base. We'll have to find that perfect spot to base future South Carolina operations from.

- Why do South Carolina's roads suck so bad? My teeth are still rattling.

- John may have found the problem with his Flip camera. He read if you thread the mounting stud too far into the camera it can smash a diode. He'll investigate further.

- I need to remember to bring paper maps to back up the GPS.

- As with most of our trips we didn't do all the things we planned but we did things we didn't plan.

- The best part of the trip was spending time with Donna. With her the vacation is never over.

- We've got a trip planned for later this summer, and a couple others brewing in our mind. Stay tuned...

See you on the Highway!

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