2014 Blairsville Motorcycle trip

Day 7

May 21

Since the planned ride for today was determined to be too ambitious the day's activities were in flux. Mike's front tire was pretty worn so he decided to call the Honda shop and see if they had one it stock. They did. The plan for today is starting to take shape.

John wasn't able to get his Flip camera working so we dug my GoPro out of the trailer and he mounted it on his trike. Hopefully we'll get some decent footage.

We got to the Honda shop a little before 10:30. Within five minutes they had Mike's bike in the garage.

There is an air strip across the road and occasionally a plane would land.

I really like this trailer. Sometimes my 6x12 enclosed trailer is the right size. Sometimes I'd like something a little bigger. This one is 7x14. I'm a firm believer in the V-nose. You can store a lot in that extra space.

Mike's bike getting a new shoe.

In less than 45 minutes Mike's bike was ready to go. The parts lady told Debby that Dahlonega had shopping and antique stores. We also needed to go to Walmart and a quick GPS search showed a Walmart there. We'd never been to Dahlonega before and it wasn't that far away. Dahlonega...here we come!

It was 38 miles down US129 then US19. Lots of curves. On the way into Dahlonega we passed a motorcycle shop. We'll have to visit there on the way back. We made a lap through town and found some parking behind the Don Pollo restaurant.

For the past several days when riding the curvy roads we noticed Mike would hang back due to his front tire being worn. He said he can already tell how much better the bike drives with the new tire.

It was lunchtime so we decided to eat at Don Pollo's. The food was excellent and so was the sweet tea. I had pork chops.

We made sure it was okay to park there. Not only was it fine with them, but they suggested we store our helmets inside the store. What a deal! Two thumbs up for the Don Pollo restaurant.

Off to shop.

In my pre-girlfriend days I've been known to give the guys a hard time about being the mule and carrying the girls' shopping packages. Hint...today I'm the mule.

We went to an enclosed mall where Donna scored some shoes. We made our way around the square and stopped in several shops but didn't find much. There were some unique shops but not much of anything we needed. As we began the wide loop back to the restaurant we went to an antique store. Donna found some Pyrex cookware in colors she'd never seen before. Ch-ching.

I now had packages on both arms. We sat outside on a nice, comfortable bench seat waiting for the others to leave the store. Donna's phone rang. It was Debby. She was at the next store and she'd found a bunch of Pyrex. Zing...Donna was off. Much of the Pyrex Debby had found was new to Donna's collection. Donna's collection grew even larger and Stan the mule was loaded down some more. Luckily the next stop was the bikes and luckily John had room in his trike.

Our next stop was Walmart. We needed to restock some supplies. We also needed to get some parts to repair Mike's headset...soldering iron, solder, etc. We found a soldering iron but had to hunt for the solder, and the lady in electronics was less than helpful and enthusiastic. I forgot to bring a multimeter on the trip so I bought one to keep in the bike.

Dahlonega, GA. 16:12, mileage 71,487 - A quick stop for gas. We didn't even get off the bikes.

Just up the road was the motorcycle shop we'd seen on the way in. Riders Hill Showroom and Cafe. A good place to stop and check things out. They had some Triumph cruisers that John liked. Me, not so much. They had some small cans of Plexus so I thought I might get a couple to restock the bike. $17 for a small can...no. Browsing finished we went outside and hung out under the canopy.

We decided we'd seen all there was to see so we headed back to the cabin. Tonight was meatloaf. On the way back to the cabin Donna's stomach started bothering her so when we got back she went to bed.

While Debby and Jerri cooked supper I did my computer work and John edited some of the GoPro video he had taken. Later we went to the deck and worked on Mike's headset. Mike opened up the junction box to reveal a loose ground. Continuity testing also seemed to show wiring issues in the cord. John did some soldering and other modifications and Mike's headset was working again. At least enough to get him home.

Afterwards we feasted on meatloaf, potatos, and corn on the cob. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. John continued editing a few more videos. He tried to upload a video to Youtube but the cabin has satellite internet and the upload speed is s-l-o-w.

Later Donna got up and was feeling somewhat better. She sat on the deck on bear watch but once again only saw some small critters. Tomorrow is our last day here. We're gonna venture into South Carolina again and visit some mansions.

85 miles.

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