2014 Blairsville Motorcycle trip

Day 4

May 18

When I awoke this morning Donna confirmed what the weatherman had predicted. It was raining. Today would be a lazy cabin day.

I went outside and sat with Donna for awhile. Here she is wiping off the massive amount of pollen that falls over several hours. I spent some time catching up on the newspaper back home and checking out Facebook. The cabin has wifi via satellite. The cabin also has excellent cellular coverage. My phone always has 4-5 bars here. Back home I can see three cell towers from my house but am lucky to have 1-2 bars of coverage.

The cool, rainy weather was very conducive to sleep so around 10am Donna & I snuggled in for a nap. Hedonism at its best.

I woke up around 12:45 and walked my lazy carcass to the deck where Donna already was. Mmmmmmmmm...Mike is cooking his ribs! Excellent!! My laptop is set up on the deck table. Other times I'd put it on the kitchen bar.

A vacation staple...Mike's ribs.

During a break in the weather John braved the wet hill and rode down US129 a couple miles to the convenience store for some supplies. He found the store was called Booger Holler. They had T-shirts and stuff. We'll have to check it out sometime.

After Mike finished his ribs the grease in the catch pan had started a noticeable fire. Mike put it out with a pan of water but not before the fire flashed and burned the hair off each of our hands. The careless adventures of us manly men.

The girls made baked beans, deviled eggs, and Texas toast to go along with the ribs. We always eat good on our trips.

The picture says it all.

About 4pm Donna and I retired for another nap. About a three hour nap to be exact. When we entered civilization again the others were playing Taboo. We watched them. Later Donna & I took Mike & Jerri's place. John & Debby were the Taboo masters. The weather was sunny and nice now.

The Goldwing didn't turn a wheel all day. Because of the storms I tied it to the post...just to be safe. I did venture out at one point and jiggled the radio speaker wire. It had been intermittent the day before.

The rest of the evening was spent on the deck, watching TV, on the computers, and generally being lazy bums...the way it should be. As much as I love riding the bike the rain day was welcome. Some scraps were thrown into the woods in hopes of attracting a bear (that never came). I was on the computer until about 3am. I screwed myself by napping all day and couldn't sleep. John came downstairs, grabbed a snack, and hung out for awhile. Tomorrow we have a mission.

11 miles for John to Booger Holler and back.

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