2014 Blairsville Motorcycle trip

Day 10

May 24

The plan this morning is to meet in the breakfast lounge. Donna and I hauled our stuff to the bike then went to the lounge. There were a bunch of people there so we sat at the bar area. I had a couple boiled eggs. Afterwards we congregated around the bikes. Donna suddenly remembered she'd left her pillow in the room. Thankfully, I still had the key.

We took the bypass to the Corvette Museum so we were there in no time. We've talked about coming here for a long time and now we are here.

Donna with her new car. I think she is about $75K shy on the down payment.

The museum focuses on the history, racing heritage, and various constructions of the Corvette since its inception. Well worth the $10 entry fee.

Here is what everyone was talking about. The infamous sinkhole that suddenly swallowed eight Corvettes on display.

Bowling Green, KY. 11:34, mileage 72,017 - After the museum we did a quick gas-n-go at the station near the museum entrance. As we left the museum we passed a new convertible Corvette and I was thinking 'cool car'. The driver looked at us and smiled as if to say 'cool bikes'. Perspective is a funny thing.

As we left we saw an ambulance turning down the musuem drive. Hopefully nothing serious. It was a quick trip through town to the Corsair Distillery. I was so intent on the GPS route that I missed a train display. We parked in an empty lot adjacent to the distillery. While the others smoked I lusted over a nearby radio tower.

We made our way to the distillery and were suprised to find the doors locked. The sign on the door said they opened at noon. Their website said 10am. Hmmmmmmmmm.

We had nearly an hour to kill so we decided to check out the stores on the square. There wasn't a lot open but we did find several to visit. At one store we bought a squirrel feeder. Donna and I hadn't seen one before.

We came upon a Subway and decided to have lunch there. It would kill just enough time until the distillery opened. I had a flat bread sandwich for the first time. It was good...not like pita bread.

We arrived at the Corsair Distillery just as the noon tour was starting. We learned the history of the distillery then we moved next door to the distillation room/warehouse. Here he explained their still and how they add different flavors and enhancements to generate the different types of products they make. Afterwards it was back to their retail area for the tasting.

Now that our tours were over it was time to start the journey back home. We took KY-185 north. There are no mountains in Northern Kentucky so the road meandered through farmlands and valleys. What traffic there was was moving fast so we made good time.

At Caneyville we turned onto KY-79. We'll be on this road for most of the day. It turns into IN-135 in Indiana. Caneyville is a crew change point for the Paducah & Louisville Railroad. I read about it in last month's TRAIN magazine.

KY-79 goes through the Rough River State Park and Rough River Lake. They have an airfield there. Years ago John told me about flying in there but over the years I had confused it with Red River Gorge in eastern Kentucky. The roads were a little curvier here and there was quite a bit of traffic on this Memorial Day weekend.

Harned, KY. 15:29, mileage 72,087 - KY-79 merges with US60 for awhile and it brought a gas station opportunity.

We took advantage of a shaded picnic table and snacked and hung out for awhile. There is only one more stop left in the trip and it's a little sad. I noticed the guy across the road had a nice garage.

24 miles later we crossed the Maukport bridge...

...and we are back home in Indiana.

Our last stop came at Palmyra. No gas, just hanging out making vacation last a little while longer. At several places today people are collecting for Crusade for Children. We gave some back in Harned, and we gave some more here. Sadly, I think we're probably in the 1% of people who did.

The clock tower in Salem.

IN-135 is a nice road to ride. There are no stop lights until you get to Brownstown, and it is easily avoided.

At John & Debby's we pulled in and Mike & Jerri continued home as they traditionally do with a honk and a wave. We dropped off some stuff we'd been hauling for John & Debby, chatted for awhile, then headed down the road. The trip is over, but not the vacation.

We knew the cupboards were bare at home so we made a trip to Walmart for supplies. Pushing the cart through Walmart brought back a little of the magic of shopping in Blairsville.

We're still on vacation so we don't want to cook. Penn Station became our supper.

Home and unpacked. Ending mileage 72,210. Orange and the Dumpster have earned a rest. We still have two days off before work once again beckons and vacation officially ends.

188 miles.

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