2011 Bardstown Suburban trip

September 8

After our Georgia trip this summer we did what we normally do...plan another shorter trip to try to satisfy our travel addiction. At first we thought about doing a long weekend trip to Nashville, TN. Due to logistics the trip developed into a more manageable long weekend in Bardstown, KY. After checking schedules it was set for September 8-11.

There are plenty of hotels and motels in Bardstown. When we started looking for places to stay for some reason they were all booked for that Saturday. A Holiday Inn Express in Elizabethtown had rooms but they were 25 miles away. We found a nice VRBO house but it was 36 miles away. We eventually settled on the Springfield Inn in Springfield, KY. It was about 15 miles away down US150.

Date...check. Accomodations...check. Mode of travel...hmmmmmmmm. This was planned to be a motorcycle trip. However, a couple weeks ago a drunk driver pranged my bike in Pigeon Forge, so I was bikeless. We kept an eye on the weather forecast and it was consistent...rain. A couple days before the trip a decision was made. Suburban trip. Mike & Jerri will drive separately since they need to return for a Friday night football game. Mike's son Chris is a starting senior and Mike doesn't miss a game.

The luxury liner.

When trip day finally arrived Donna & I loaded up in the Jeep and headed to John & Debby's. This is Donna's first trip with the bike gang.

When we got to the Potter's John was running a business errand and Mike & Jerri (the KurdzioGerkins) were running a few minutes behind. All were eventually united and stood on the back porch in the preglow of the trip. Donna & I loaded our stuff in the Suburban and we were off around 5:50pm.

On this trip I am a little handicapped. I normally use my GPS track logs and the camera timestamps to help me remember times & locations and to jog my memory when I write the trip reports. On this trip I have neither. The Suburban has its own navigation so I left the GPS at home. My camera was damaged in the motorcycle crash and has no memory...therefore no timestamp. The LCD is also damaged so I won't know if the pictures were good until I download them. I'll have to rely on my trip notes, sent text messages, and my feeble memory.

We weren't even out of the driveway before it started to rain. The Suburban is looking like a wise choice already. Did I mention temps are in the mid-60's? Donna would have been frozen. She hasn't lost her rain virginity yet either.

The KurdzioGerkin Kia lurking.

When in the Suburban I have a reputation for dozing off. I tried not to, but I lived up to my reputation.

We stopped near Memphis for fuel and a stretch. This is a one hop trip. Our next stop will be our hotel.

The weather was pretty dreary, but it was nice and cozy in the Suburban. Traffic through Louisville wasn't bad. At exit 112 we turned onto KY245. A nice two-lane highway that goes passed the Jim Beam distillery. Soon we were driving through Bardstown and reminiscing about our trip here five years ago. It was starting to get dark as we headed down US150.

We arrived at the Springfield Inn at 8:41pm. We checked in, dumped off our luggage, then we all piled into the Suburban in search of supper. We'd found a brochure for Mordecai's in the lobby. It sounded good, so we headed that way.

Mordecai's is near the center of Springfield. We noticed it as we passed so we parked around the corner.

We arrived at Mordecai's at 9:03. They close at 9:00. Hmmmmmmmmm. Someone remembered seeing a mexican restaurant down the road.

El Mariachi's was still open. The food was good and service was quick. I had my usual chicken chimichanga.

When we got back to the hotel we took a smoke break out front. We decided to go to Maker's Mark in the morning and see where that leads us. We'll meet at 8am.

139 miles.

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