2020 Summer motorcycle trip

Day 1

The plan for our crew's 2020 trip was to go to Savannah, Georgia. We had the house picked out, the dates set, and all systems were go. Then the Coronavirus happened and everything got shut down.

On a positive note, Donna's work schedule changed from a mishmash of second and third shifts to all day shifts. She now works nine days in a row and has five off. As time went on she decided we needed to do a bike trip on one of her five-day weekends, so I started planning. We like to check out antique stores so that would be an anchor of the trip. Donna suggested heading west to Sikeston, MO, to Lambert's Cafe. Eventually I came up with the following route:

Two-lane roads. Antique stores. Riding the Trace in the Land Between The Lakes. Eating at Lambert's Cafe in Sikeston, Mordecai's in Springfield, KY, and Mike Linnig's in Louisville. I had been working from home for the past three months so I had lots of leave saved up.

Last year my bike turned over 100,000 miles so I had a long list of things to do to it over the winter. A heart attack in early January screwed that schedule up. I had slowly been crossing things off my list but I still had three big items: rebuild the front Traxxion forks, adjust the valves, and replace the driveshaft/final drive. With the trip coming up I got the forks rebuilt but decided to push the other items off until next winter.

June 25

Vacation day is finally here! For the first time in two years the bike was clean. I had hitched the trailer the night before so when Donna came home I pulled the bike around front and we loaded it.

We mounted the bike and checked the intercom. All systems are 'go'. We looked back and saw Buford's sad face looking at us. This is the hardest part of vacation. I think he has learned that the orange motorcycle means we are leaving.

Donna's daughter Kenya is coming over later with her kids and her dog Scrappy. They will house sit while we are gone so Buford will have lots to keep him busy. Throughout the trip Kenya sends snapchats of Buford to Donna so we won't miss him as bad.

We were a couple miles from the house when we suddenly heard a dragging sound. What?? I pulled over to check it out. Fortunately, it was a simple problem. The trailer jackstand apparently hadn't locked into place and had came down. I snapped it into place and we were good. No more issues for the rest of the trip.

Bedford, IN. 16:37, initial mileage 103,645 - Our first stop on every trip is Revere's. I filled the tank up with some 93 octane while Donna grabbed some drinks and ice. She does a great job of keeping us hydrated. There were lots of other bikes out. Pulling out of Revere's is the symbolic start of the trip.

It feels good to get on the open road. The weather for today is great.

This is Bomac's Drive-in in Shoals. It is a popular place to eat. It's nice to see it is open again. We will eat somewhere different tonight.

Downtown Shoals, Indiana.

Look at this happy face! I get to enjoy her for six days.

At Loogootee we turned south on US231.

There are some beautiful buildings in Jasper, including this church.

Jasper is also home to Jasper Engines & Transmissions.

Downtown Huntingburg.

We stopped on the south side of Huntingburg for a stretch and restroom break.

Back on US231 south.

US231 becomes 4-lane at the intersection with I-64. Time for some cruise control. This road never seems busy which makes for pleasant riding.

I'm always on the lookout for trains so seeing railroad tracks gets me excited.

AK Steel near Chrisney has a lot of rail traffic.

As we near the border we pass the AEP Rockport Power Plant. It is also served by rail.

We crossed into Kentucky on the William H. Natcher Bridge.

We are officially out of state. Always a nice goal for the first evening.

It didn't take long to reach Owensboro, our stop for the night. I like this picture with trucks and trains.

Google maps said this was a Candlewood Suites but it was actually a Holiday Inn. I checked my reservations to make sure we were at the correct place.

Here is the view from our room. Ahhhhhhhh.

After checking in we headed downtown to find some supper. We decided to eat at Don Mario's Mexican restaurant. We sat outside. I ordered a buritto. When the guy brought our food I was shocked (horrified?) to see a huge 30" burrito. It was massive. The guys at the table next to us said it was an El Big O burrito and if you ate it all they gave you a shirt. The waitress came by and realized I had been given the wrong order and came back with the correct order. I was relieved.

Even the normal burrito I ordered was larger than I expected. I normally like to order these with steak but it wasn't an option, so I chose pork. The pork tasted like pieces of bacon so I wasn't that thrilled. Maybe I should have stuck with beef. Due to its size I only ate half of it. The rice was excellent.

I liked the graphics on this police car parked across from the restaurant.

We walked down the block to an antique store we noticed to see if it would be worth visiting in the morning. It looked more like a home furnishing store than an antique store.

Back at the hotel we unpacked and put the bike to bed. Later we walked around the back of the hotel to look at the river. We noticed some of the rooms had balconies. I'll keep that in mind if we stay here again.


105 miles.

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